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Tom Cruise Interview

You already know the story. Watch how it went down.


  1. Karan Shenoy says:

    What is wrong here?He isnt dissing any other religion.He is just showing
    that he likes his religion and likes helping ppl as well.SIGH tabloids!

  2. todosbien says:

    SP= Suppressed Person, PTS= Possible Trouble Source, KSW= Keep Scientology
    Working which is a policy made up of ten key rules they abide by.

  3. Dan Bridson says:

    put a sock in it cruise you twat

  4. badumpy says:

    when you drive past an accident…Its not like anyone else?….that is a
    completely arrogant statemt…I would not drive past an accident…im sure
    many people would also stop…you need to get off the pedestal Tom…clearly

  5. Dipsy Dee says:

    Cut at 1:40. Free world…free youtube…good job!

  6. Nijitechie says:

    Whoa, you’re right. They ARE killing links, this is a little creepy. I only
    got to 1.40, too.

  7. TeehpodT says:

    b4 brainwash: watch?v=SC2tFVFj-NA

  8. kurwinsky says:

    He should just act only for films….sue me!

  9. Jeff Lewis says:

    You mean Jonestown?

  10. meisha2911 says:

    only a minute and 40 seconds but very interesting.

  11. Quakxoxorous says:

    video cuts out after 1:40 for me anybody else having problems? I would like
    to understand the controversy behind this.

  12. RustiSwordz says:

    They released the video because they thought it would show Cruise in a
    better light, all it did was confirm to the world that hes a mental case.

  13. artybhoy says:

    Fucking weirdo. Bastard cuts out at 1:40 anyone know where the full vid is?

  14. Jeff Lewis says:

    No problem!

  15. badumpy says:

    Tom Cruise…laying low…worried about his career…Im sure Scientology
    told him to calm down his antics…

  16. Jeff Lewis says:

    Jamestown was the birth place of America.

  17. Hollywoodreal says:

    Jonestown! Thank you

  18. RogueLedr says:

    They are killing every friggin link to this video on Youtube. This is like
    the last one left. I wonder how long it will last.

  19. KoKleader says:

    Tom Cruise is a peice of shit…he isn’t just promoting his stupid non
    sensical CULT, yeah it’s a cult I don’t care if it’s mocking someones
    “religion”, which might I add you have to PAY to be a member of, but he
    also denounces others religions by saying that his is the right one, and
    bragging in a way about how as a scientologist you’re the only one who can
    do something for those people in accidents. This fucking plague religion
    needs to be stopped, too many people are pumping money into it.

  20. Hollywoodreal says:

    Tom, look at Jamestown. Wake up!

  21. todosbien says:

    Want to learn more about this crazy cult? Go to “the un-funny truth about
    scientology”, scary stuff!

  22. wizzesgirl says:

    same issue here…only 1:40 was viewable.

  23. ShaolinMantis says:

    asshole should sell his 4000$ turtle neck, and start shopping at walmart,
    then maybe he can help

  24. clubdore says:

    Dam he could be a acktor!? The man has talend! Unles your a homeles person,
    or really desperate, why WHY would you join this freak show?

  25. ForteZeroExcell says:

    Watch this before it gets removed

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