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On board the music cruise phenomenon: Why Australians love to rock the boat

On board the music cruise phenomenon: Why Australians love to rock the boat
On this disco and Motown inspired cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Seas, aptly named Cruise'n'Groove, age and even dancing ability were no barrier to joining the shipload of fun. … This year's Rock the Boat 3, for example, featured …
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Doubt cast on vitamin D's role against disease
People with dark skin, such as people of African-Caribbean and South Asian origin, and people who wear full-body coverings, as well as pale-skinned people are also known to be at higher risk. In recent years, there has … Dr Colin Michie, consultant …
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Royal Bank of Canada CEO to step down after 13 years
TORONTO (Reuters) – Royal Bank of Canada Chief Executive Gordon Nixon will step down next summer after 13 years at the helm of Canada's largest bank, handing the reins to the RBC's retail banking head, Dave McKay, the bank said on Thursday. Nixon is …
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Beyond Mandalay by boat

Beyond Mandalay by boat
We're near Homalin, a gateway port to the vast teak forests and jade mines of Myanmar on the little-visited Chindwin River, on the first cruise of a new luxury vessel, the 50-passenger Orcaella. Advertisement … Only the drinks staff need know where …
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Pritzker brothers played the feud, now they're motto is more like this: Let's
Of the eight companies the pair have acquired since 2004, they've sold only one. “We realized we were doing really well,” Tony says from Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife and seven children in a 49,300-square-foot mansion with views from Santa …
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Johny Hendricks Riding Wave of Support, but He'll Come Up Short Against GSP
I know how they're going to feel on Saturday night, when St-Pierre again cruises to a boring, but easy decision. I know what they'll think when St-Pierre says at the post-fight press conference that he is not happy with his performance and … Only, I …
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