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Building a cruise ship: NCL’s Pride of America dining

Building a cruise ship: NCL's Pride of America dining

http://web.mac.com/cruisingjames Thanks to my Food and Bev director for these great pics.
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  1. Seadensolace says:

    wow this brings back memories i was one of the first restraunt utilitys on
    this ship and saw you guys put in the final touches it was amazing i even
    set up the tables and removed the tape from the floors in both main dinning
    rooms and was the first to vaccum them lol

  2. Dee Duff says:

    Some of the best times of my life. Now if only you could find a copy of
    that horrible Pride of America techno song they played at Nacht Shift the
    video would be perfect!

  3. sneakylos says:

    I was there! Although by the time my group arrived the ship was pretty much
    finished building. I was there when the artists were painting the murals on
    deck 6….or was it deck 5? Can’t remember.

  4. Kyle Ferguson says:

    What is that song?

  5. cruiserchris92 says:

    if it’s a freestyle ship, why did they design and what is the purpose for a
    staircase between the 2 restuarants?

  6. Seadensolace says:

    hehe i was there for the photos at 3:48 on in fact i vaccumed the floor for
    those photos lol in germany ^^

  7. Justin Spiller says:

    saw this ship being built in lloyd werft’s yard bremerhaven. and the next
    year i saw it leave the dock side once finished. both times i was working
    on the oriana.

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